MNR and washington rebel…great stuff

Many people who blog and that I respect challenge me because I say I am a Libertarian. They say I’m to conservative. They say what I label myself as is anarchy. And maybe and most likely they are right from a constitutional reality… but I maintain that the Conservative/Republican dogma and its history associates me with a status quo that is a failed Republican Party, one that is disingenuous to its constituents. I would love to associate with the Republican Party if in fact they were Conservative, but in fact history does not support that association. I pray they do come back to a Constitutional theology with all my heart,  but for now I must label my beliefs with an icon that better supports my beliefs and that is Libertarianism. Please help me come up with a better logo!  With that said, I want support a couple of blogs that are  in my opinion spot on in their ideology and I hope with all my heart that the hosts will give me an an honest debate and honor to agree that something new must evolve in regards of conservative branding. I want a flag that I can fly, championing our brilliant Constitution, one that will not associate me with a failed Republican rhino pen. We are playing for the same team, and especially with the goal of blocking the Obama regime, and its hideous agenda!

Please read from these great Blog Sites…

Washington Rebel

Mind Numbed Robot

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