Monday is here again and the potential of the new work week is flying a banner above my hopeful forehead.  Hope that comes from a mindset it seems I’ve had all my life. Years of introspective analysis leads me to surmise that for the most part we as a society are split down the middle, Liberal/Conservative, pessimist/optimist etc, etc, and may be, possibly biologically? Could it be due to an almost genetic like tattoo given to us at birth. I’ve often pondered this possibility and yes I know, of course there is always the convert,  and the constant youthful desire for utopia, but when it gets down to the movers and shakers that take our world politics seriously, the adults that draw a line in the sand are choosing sides and a large portion go thirsty for power… Liberalism, the power-hungry Progressive, the Communist control freaks that are giving their all to undo our conservative stance, the other side longing for the opposite, our coalition  that prays for a course derived from being left alone, independent of the whims of tyrannical dreamers.

This being said it saddens me  to conclude that a logical discourse,  a logical analogy and example is not historically available as an effective sword for persuasion. I understand that it makes like minds feel good to come to agreement with their like-minded brothers and rightly so but where lays the course for an effective exorcism? A shot giving release and freedom from the doctor of truth that could help these power-hungry fascists. They that cannot sleep unless I personally quit eating salt.  Point being do you think I might be on to something when I suggest that it goes much deeper, deeper than social circumstance, more than being stuck with the philosophy of our families ?  In the weeks to come we should research this idea and see if any real biological science has been prescribed through thesis.

Post Script… Why would anyone want their Government to own their property via property tax, why would anyone via historical record trust Government to manage anything other than the limited doctern provided from the brilliance of our constitution, why would anyone want to control other people unless it was for obvious intrusions such as initiatory use of coercion. This post begs out for feedback as I am at a loss.  As so many of my contemporary heroes I am not advocating violence, on the contrary just proof of anything else in history that has been as effective. i.e. our own very violent revolution.


1 Response to “yinyang”

  1. 1 Cort Geis
    2010/07/13 at 2:21 am

    Sometimes you gotta just say F… it //// it’s like the Yin Yang we all have Karma and there is no escape from it’s dire consequences . In Closing lets all hope we live to see it !!!! It will stroke my Being .

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