one for the gipper

While listening to a very popular radio program today, one of my favorite shows who’s host is jolly and honest and has a minion of Mind Numbed Robots, and honest enough to wish for Obama’s failure, not because he wants our country to fail but because of  his cancerous policy and agenda. Back to the point, a caller called in and stated that he was a farmer from the great state of Washington and his beef was that 51 percent of our countries produce is coming from abroad. Why? because even under the Bush administration several government agencies including the most powerful the EPA are obviously doing all they can do to regulate the American farmer right out of business. So what’s new right?… Well the moral of my story is that the farmer leaked that he used to be a pro football player for the Washington Redskins and Rush with his incredible football knowledge had a lightbulb go off and instantly pulled the name up… is this Clint Didier? Yes that’s right Rush and I’m running for U.S Senate! Well to say the least listening to this disciplined and experienced person led me to his site that warms my heart because of its grass roots humanity and I want to lead you to it so you can listen to the logic of a plain ol American patriot that does not want to lose his country to the scourge that is eating us from within like the maggots they are.

“Since most other nations are not held to the same rules we are, our government regulatory burdens are handicapping all of us. Therefore, I will introduce and support legislation seeking to reduce taxes and meddlesome bureaucratic regulations that are stifling American production and keeping us uncompetitive on the world market.”   read more by clicking this link


1 Response to “one for the gipper”

  1. 2010/07/08 at 10:22 pm

    I like the grit. I’d like to see him take on Frankin. He’d squash him like a bug! lol

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