muslims in space

Where to begin? OK… Just took a deep breath and here ya go… Have the American people laid down and just gone to sleep, could it be cartoon sparkling fairy dust or may be just giving in to an apathetic heroin-blue comfy blanket… one hanging  from a gold socialistic nipple ring.  A ring for shackling the food line zombie march for free money, free food, free medicine, free schools, free housing, and last but not least a free lobotomy! I mean jeeze Louise the Obama regime is side stepping on the rule of Constitutional law like a NFL corner-back doing rout drills.

Now, as we watch this corn-dog-carnival-side-show they used a recess appointment to name rationing advocate Donald Berwick to become the director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The office oversees government health care programs and that worries pro-life advocates because Berwick has praised British programs that ration care.

The position is important because it will oversee from our purple mountains majesty the implementation of the Silver Surfer Over-Lord planet eating monster with guided missiles stenciled with Hammer and Sickle… Sorry, a Communist government-run health care plan that will foster rationing and also contains taxpayer funding of abortions. Now get a load of this guy and his blatant statements on spreading the wealth….

Oh give a home where Obama don’t roam and the skies are all free of Muslim Astronauts, where seldom is heard a socialistic word and property taxes are unheard.


1 Response to “muslims in space”

  1. 2010/07/07 at 8:59 pm

    heh, Mus lims in s p a a a a c e…

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