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Hey…thanks for clicking. It has occurred to me that by using Facebook frequently to post my urgent political posts, it might be offensive to some, so decided to take the time to say to the 30 of ya… I’m sorry but can’t stop.  With that said, please, take the time to examine some of what I’m posting and if you disagree let’s discuss it… I’m not trying to push anything down anyone’s throat, I am just passionate about the pursuit of freedom, truth and aiding in the destruction of tyranny. So to all you newly found friends on FB join in and comment nay or yay. While it’s still legal!

I didn’t have time to write today on what I think is a very important subject so please  read on from the MNR  as he has done a fine job…

“Plenty of material is available to reinforce the position that Elena Kagan should be rejected from lifetime inclusion to the highest court in the land. It defies comprehension that I, a mere peon in the political arena, should feel obligated to point out the obvious insanity. But here we go again.” 
…rest of the story at “Mind Numbed Robot”


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  1. 2010/06/30 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the link!

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