we must be heard…

Over the years dining at my mother’s table has been festive, gourmet and to say the least philosophical. We often tease that we have solved all the world problems therefore we must start over. We’ll last night was no different discussing the world stage as it lay on the cliff’s edge of progressive’s total infiltration. Her loving advise to her dissonant son was to lay low, hide in the shadow blackness and strike like the character from “V for Vendetta”.  Time lapse, new screen shot and I’m having phone conversation with my good friend and blogesphereical energiser-bunny-patriot.  I told him what my Mother had said and he replied that first of all its to late “I’m already on the list” and we laughed but the sad truth is if you have studied and read world history it is no joke… Obama is just following in the foot steps of other fascists like Mussolini and Hitler.  So I want to say thanks to people like Phil and his “mindnumbedrobot”  and his blogging network for their bravery, I know that they are all history buffs or they would not have the passion for defending what is being stolen, lied about and bastardized. My hat goes of to you guys and pledge to try to keep up.


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