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Hey…thanks for clicking. It has occurred to me that by using Facebook frequently to post my urgent political posts, it might be offensive to some, so decided to take the time to say to the 30 of ya… I’m sorry but can’t stop.  With that said, please, take the time to examine some of what I’m posting and if you disagree let’s discuss it… I’m not trying to push anything down anyone’s throat, I am just passionate about the pursuit of freedom, truth and aiding in the destruction of tyranny. So to all you newly found friends on FB join in and comment nay or yay. While it’s still legal!

I didn’t have time to write today on what I think is a very important subject so please  read on from the MNR  as he has done a fine job…

“Plenty of material is available to reinforce the position that Elena Kagan should be rejected from lifetime inclusion to the highest court in the land. It defies comprehension that I, a mere peon in the political arena, should feel obligated to point out the obvious insanity. But here we go again.” 
…rest of the story at “Mind Numbed Robot”


missed it by that much…

Good Monday America… can you believe that as a country just over 200 years old we have allowed a Trojan horse that is the Progressive/Communist movement to become so strong, they  just missed nullifying the second amendment… not amended but thrown out, deleting part of the most beautiful human rights document ever conceived… by one vote! If you really think about it, what better proof that our Constitution is under attack than this unthinkable testimony to the minds of the left on our supreme court. I’ve decided to start a campaign to reinstate the teaching of the US Constitution in our public schools…why would you be upset if you never knew what you were losing. Please all of you guys make it a point to do a little refresher course on this great document and what it has meant to the highest standard of living in world history. In the immortal words of  Fezz “I bid you good day Sir.”


no, it’s my ball…give it

obama stealing ball from young boyWell it’s Sunday and the USA is out of the World Cup, and honestly with referees that are either blind, on the take or just plain retarded I am having a hard time getting into…wait oh damn Gooooooooaaaaallll. Germany! Incredible…oh where was I…good thing it’s only every 4 years. I think though it should be mandatory to watch Soccer…(I know “Football” just can’t bring myself to say it) in Spanish, it’s much more flowing and exciting. Does Obama play Soccer? I know I’ve seen him play Basketball and Golf. I think Soccer would be a good sport for him, he could run and run and run acting like he was doing something , and then stumble and grab hold of  his leg in absolute agony blaming it on the Bush administration.  I could see him scoring a goal being down by four and claiming a comeback in the games economy…just saying…God I can’t wait untill “Football” starts again.


we must be heard…

Over the years dining at my mother’s table has been festive, gourmet and to say the least philosophical. We often tease that we have solved all the world problems therefore we must start over. We’ll last night was no different discussing the world stage as it lay on the cliff’s edge of progressive’s total infiltration. Her loving advise to her dissonant son was to lay low, hide in the shadow blackness and strike like the character from “V for Vendetta”.  Time lapse, new screen shot and I’m having phone conversation with my good friend and blogesphereical energiser-bunny-patriot.  I told him what my Mother had said and he replied that first of all its to late “I’m already on the list” and we laughed but the sad truth is if you have studied and read world history it is no joke… Obama is just following in the foot steps of other fascists like Mussolini and Hitler.  So I want to say thanks to people like Phil and his “mindnumbedrobot”  and his blogging network for their bravery, I know that they are all history buffs or they would not have the passion for defending what is being stolen, lied about and bastardized. My hat goes of to you guys and pledge to try to keep up.

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